Where is the Valley of Cosmos in Manipur

During October-November, valleys of Manipur are filled with the green paddy, while the hills are flooded with natural flowers. Valley of Cosmos are found in the hills of Manipur state, namely Purul, Namaai Zho in Senapati district and Langdang village in Ukhrul district of Manipur.

In fact, every hills of Manipur are decorated with wild flowers, be it Tamenglong or Chandel as well. That is the reason the Japanese called Manipur as flower on lofty heights.

Tourist enjoying in the Valley of Cosmos in Manipur.

Cosmos flower also known as Ulam Raja in Hindi. This wild flower which belong to the Sunflower family is grown wild in the hills of Manipur.

Every year, tourist visits the Namaai Zho and Purul in Senapati district during October season and enjoy the colourful blooming of Cosmos. Tourist finally termed Namaai Zho as the Valley of Cosmos.

Some compred Namaai Zho with the Dzuko Valley of Manipur, but Cosmos valley is unique. This wildflower is matched with the indigenous costumes of the Poumai tribes living in the hills.

The place is not far from the Imphal Capital. It takes around 2 hours drive along the National Highway 2. Roughly this valley of cosmos is 90 km from the State Capital. This valley of wild cosmos is just 3 km from the Maram bazar.

The beautiful poumai tribes treasure this valley since time immemorial. The meaning of Namaai means the rear men, symbolizing the last group of inhabitants who migrated down from the Makhel in human civilizations.

Namaai means the defender or protector in local language. In fact, wild Cosmos is safe under the Namaai who is protecting the environment and natural resources.

Namaai khode village in Senapati Manipur (photo credit- Sanii Mark)

The village Namaai khode is located on the bank of Barak river. Other places of attraction are Leacheche,  Zhophao, Halephao, Biisho, Ngaizhephao, Haphozhe and Lahshozhe.

In 2017, Manipur government has sponsored a mega flower show in Purul. showcasing the beautiful cosmos flowers. The theme of the show was named as Home to Cosmos.

This year, after the lockdown due to Corona, people from Imphal rushed to the Namaai Zho to relax their minds which are kept closed since March this year.

The valley of wild cosmos will welcome tourist every year. Don’t miss the the show. The flowers are waiting for you too!

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