Best Reasons for Tourist to visit India Peace Memorial

Japanese peace memorial in Manipur

When it comes to War tourism, Manipur is the final destination for every tourist. Here, Second World War is locally known as Japan Lan. Don’t forget to visit India Peace Memorial in Manipur.

This place is located a Maibam Lotpa Ching in Bishenpur district of Manipur. Situated along the Loktak lake road, the memorial is hardly 7 km from Imphal city.

The place is also known as Red hill and here, a fierce battle was fought between Japanese and British soldiers. More than 1000 Japanese soldiers lost their lives in this battle.

Several touching tales of the injured soldiers are narrated by the locals and they feel pain for the Japanese soldiers.

If you visit India Peace Memorial in Manipur, you will also feel the sympathy of those soldiers who sacrifice their lives. After the war ended, the locals performed the last rites of the fallen heroes.

When to Visit India Peace Memorial in Manipur?

There is no specific time to visit the place. This memorial is located along the Highway. The place is filled with flowers and trees. Recently, Cherry tree was planted by the Japanese embassy who came to attend the event.

Once the sakura is blossom in this park, it will look like those sakura park in Japan. Now, a Peace Museum is also opened for the visitors. We can see valuable artifacts related to the second world war in Manipur.

Visiting India Peace Memorial park at Maibam Lotpa Ching gives a sense of Patriotism and foster more stronger bonding between Japanese.

Japanese peace memorial in Manipur

The Japanese government too contribute to keep this place beautiful and they have supported the locals to build a memorial to honour their lost soldiers.

Meet the locals when you visit Manipur

When you visit this peace memorial, spend few hours and interact with the locals. There is a village around the park. The elders will narrate us the story of how the wounded soldiers.

They would also tell you how their grandparents were supporting the Japanese during the war. After the war was over, veterans soldiers came back to Manipur and they reunited with the villagers.

Even today, the younger generations pay homage to the lost souls and they wish to keep the memory alive for the future generations. The bonding between Manipuri and Japanese is seen in this India Peace Memorial Park at Maibam Lotpa Ching.

Hen you wish to refresh your memories of the war, sacrifice and duties of a soldier, visit this park. Offer a flower to the fallen soldiers. They could not return to their home. This memorial park is the final home for the lost soldiers.

You will see the beautiful sakura in Manipur soon.

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