Best Picnic Hotspot in Sekmai River of Manipur

picnic hotspot in sekmai river

Manipur is a paradise. This tiny state in North East India is perfect for picnic hangout. The valleys and the surrounding hills are hotspot for picnic. You can enjoy the best picnic hotspot in Sekmai river.

Sekmai is a small village along the Imphal Dimapur National Highway which is around 20 kilometres from the Capital city. The village is famous for the local wine, Sekmai Yu or Sekmai wine which is the hardest alcohol ever.

We can reach this perfect picnic hotspot within half an hour from Imphal in our own vehicles. We can buy every requirements from the Sekmai keithel.

Shopping in Sekmai Keithel

We are a group of 15, which include students in our local tuition centre along with the teachers and staffs. We hired 2 Tata Magic for the picnic. The New year month of January is a busy spot in Sekmai river.

Several other groups are also came along with their family members and friends. The wide shallow clear water along with sands and pebbles is perfect for the kids to play here.

We carried the cooking utensils and the stoves from home. And we shop for other requirements from the Sekmai keithel. The firewoods, the rice, onions, potatoes, garlics, dry chillies, freshly harvested mustard leaves are available in the market.

We also bought drinking waters, the disposable plates, cups and snacks for our students. Since we are coming in Sekmai, we can’t leave without tasting the Sekmai Wine. We secretly bought 2 bottles to be enjoyed before the food.

Time to find the best picnic hotspot in Sekmai river

If you reached Sekmai late, then you won’t get perfect place to enjoy. Hundreds of picnic lovers would be ahead of your team. Even though the river is wide and have several empty space to cook your food, one need clean spot.

You have to look for the water source, the place to park your vehicles and also the dried spot to eat and take a small nap after the lunch.

Beautiful Sekmai river

Our team is fortunate to reach the Sekmai around 9 in the morning. We have the opportunity to select the best place for our picnic. We divided our group into 3 teams. The first team make our picnic spot clean by sweeping and arranging for us to sit. The second team started fire to cook food and the third one prepared the food.

It takes around 2 hours to cook our food. We prepared chickens, eromba with yongchak, hangam chamfut and a salad.

After a heavy lunch, some bath in the river, some dance in their favourite music numbers. The air in Sekmai river is filled with the music.

Do’s and Don’ts in Sekmai River

The beautiful picnic hotspot in Sekmai river is exploited by the picnic lovers. They have littered the river bank with plastics and polythene all these years. Some environment conscious picnic lovers take back the waste water bottles and polythene when they left. But most of the picnic lovers discarded them on the river.

Now, the local people have issued strict instructions like not to throw water bottles and other waste in the rivers. They have also banned the drinking of wine openly. We have to take care of their rules.

Enjoying in Sekmai river

The Sekmai river picnic is the cheapest and most enjoyable one in and around Imphal city. If we need to preserve the beauty of the picnic hotspot, we have to follow the rules and guidelines.

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