How to Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festivals of Manipur

cherry blossom in Manipur

Sakura, the cherry of Japan is tourist favorite trees. The cherry blossom is a must season for every travelers. Very soon, you will experience it in Manipur. The cherry blossom festivals of Manipur have started in 2017.

The weather of North East India is very much similar to the islands of Japan. The cherry plants have successfully grown in Meghalaya. And scientists have planted cherry in Shillong.

Cherry blossom festivals in Mao

Manipur government have started cherry blossom festivals in Mao. In the year 2017,cherry blossom festivals of Manipur was organised too. The government encourage organizers of the festivals.

Rs 10 lakhs was sanctioned to promote the festival. 20,000 cherry trees were planted in Mao as well.

After 3 years, some cherry trees are blooming in the Mao of Manipur. Even if the number of trees are less. visitors are enjoying the sakura in Manipur.

At present there are 5-6 cherry trees blossoming near Nazareth Residential School near Mao gate in Manipur. The cherry flowers is colouring the village with pink and tourist are visiting the place everyday.

Some are taking selfie with the cherry blossom in the background for updating their social media profile. Those who dream of visiting Japan and walk along the Cherry blossom will find their dreams fulfilled here in Manipur.

Wild Cherry trees in Manipur Hills

Wild cherry trees filled Manipur hills. We can see the forest with pink flowers.

Most of the hill districts of Manipur, the Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Senapati are tourist attraction during the months of October to December.

We can find Cherry trees blooming in Khongjaron of Tamenglong districts as well. This place will be another hot spot for the tourist too.

Residents of Imphal are travelling 100 kilometres to Mao in Senapati district to enjoy the Cherry blossom in Manipur. Within next few years, Manipur hills will have enough cherry blossoms.

Manipur Sangai Festival included Cherry blossom festivals of Mao as important event as well. Since the State Government has taken initiative for the promotion of Cherry blossom festivals in Manipur, we can expect a lot of cherry in the years to come.

Cherry blossom in Andro soon

Besides, 10,000 cherry tree was planted in Andro which is around 25 kilometres from Imphal City. The beautiful Santhei Natural Park in Andro will be tourist destination within few years.

This will be a Sakura park in Manipur in the days to come. The natural ponds along the Cherry blossoms will be one of the best destination soon. Already, the Santhei natural park is famous for its natural beauty.

One can reach Andro from Imphal city by daily passenger vehicles. It is less than 25 kilometres from Imphal. You can reach the park within an hour.

And to visit Mao, one can use public transport buses and wingers from the Imphal. The passenger fare is around Rs 100-180. It takes hardly 2 hours to reach the destination.

(Photo credit – jacquelyn__ngoruh)

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