How To Enjoy Jungle Camping: Take These Things

Jungle camping is a nice outdoor adventure!

Jungle is beautiful, unique environment which has an unmatched density and variety of life.

It may be tiresome, frustrated and you could return home the next day, if you don’t plan well.

For those experienced traveler, they can enjoy the jungle camping for a long months. Escape from the hot, humid, and crowded lifestyle.

Here is the hidden secret how you can enjoy your camping in the jungle. Do not forget to take camera. This is the most important things.

Jungles are always wet, damp and full of mosquitoes. Forget about reptiles! But the taste of food cocked in the jungles without using any modern technology is superbed.

Three things you should never forget to bring in jungle camping are – knives, matches box and a good torchlight.


In jungle, no one knows when it is going to rain, so get a raincoat.

Footwear in jungle camping

Throw out all notions of keeping your feet dry. Here, you want shoes that maximize breathability and minimize the amount of water they’ll soak up and retain.

Football cleats work great in the mud, not so much on rocks or wet pavement. For this take an approach shoes, which worked great on those slippery rocks.

Buy a quality pair of lightweight merino socks.

T Shirts

No cotton in jungle camping. Cotton T shirt just soak up water and sweat, then hold it and never dry. Buy some good quality merino item.

Don’t worry for wear and tears of the cloth. They are your good companion in jungle camping. Merino is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it won’t stick even if you get sweaty in it. It provides a strong wicking effect, quickly drying your skin even after getting completely soaked.


Try shorts just to maximize ventilation and freedom of movement.


Try for waterproof jackets. This is the best option for camping. Select jackets which have permeable membranes which is a breathable, synthetic fabric that repels water. Prefer hoods either attached or as a zippered option and various venting features.


You need a glove to protect your hands and will appreciate the extra grip a pair of light gloves provides.

Tent in jungle camping

Tent is an important item for your camping. Look for a compact tent which are convenient to buckle up with the rucksack between the main and shoe compartment, while trekking.

Opt for those tent with the air-insulation.

Most importantly , do not forget to carry first aid box along with some medicines for fever, headache and band aids in case of emergency.

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